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I’m currently a professional sports bettor, but my search for value in the sports betting markets started with a strong interest in the stock market. While most of my attention right now is devoted to sports betting – 2% average daily ROI per bet is hard to pass up – I plan on eventually transitioning back to the stock market. So this blog is a way for me to organize my thoughts and keep track of my stock analysis, along with anything else that strikes my fancy.

My goal in investing – whether in sports or the stock market – is to find significant, quantifiable edges. Naturally the larger the market, the harder that will be. I have found that focusing on corporate restructuring situations (going-private transactions, tender offers, mergers, spin-offs, etc.) and micro-cap stocks yields the most profitable results in the stock market, especially for someone with limited capital and little time to pore over quarterly statements. I have mucho respecto for those who can start with the A’s and read up on a whole slew of companies, but that’s just not the best strategy for me. I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline and automate my investing. I taught myself Python and have written scripts to scan the EDGAR database for filings, monitor arbitrage spreads, etc.

Of course all that is irrelevant without valuable ideas, so without further ado…

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